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Learning To Learn
ABA Interventions, LLC


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What we do

At Learning to Learn we provide comprehensive and individualized ABA services to young children diagnosed with autism. Through play-based approaches, we help children to develop and strengthen a wide variety of skills including language and communication, play, social and emotional, and personal independence. Often the skills we are targeting with a child have a direct impact on reducing or eliminating behaviors that are presenting as barriers to naturally acquiring skills or to being able to safely participate with their families in their home and communities.

Our mission

Drawing from a neuro-diversity affirming mind set and utilizing the principles of ABA, our mission at Learning to Learn is to provide high quality, ethical, and compassionate interventions with a focus on building strong relationships and capturing genuine motivation for learning.

Mother and Child
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Serving Lake Stevens and surrounding cities
Contact Info


PHONE:  425-248-5222 

FAX:          425-367-0522

Areas We Help In
with our ABA Programs


With ABA therapy, children build communication skills, such as learning to ask for things, responding to others' words, use and understanding of non-verbal communication, initiating and holding conversation, and other ways of social interaction.

Adaptive Daily Life Skills

ABA Therapy progressively builds independence, working on skills such as safety awareness, toilet training, dressing, feeding, picky eating, sleep, etc. ABA can also work to develop skills necessary to tolerate denial, ambiguity, and overall cooperation with non-preferred  or unpredictable aspects of everyday life

Play and Leisure

Within ABA therapy we introduce play skills following a natural developmental sequence with a goal to help the child to ultimately be able to access the many social and cognitive developmental benefits play as to offer.

Social/Emotional Skills

Teach skills that are needed to be able to communicate and navigate social interactions with confidence and in the individual child’s preferred way, as well as understand and advocate for their own needs and preferences.


Reducing Problem Behavoirs

ABA is often helpful with reducing behavior that is getting in the way of a child safely accessing and participating in their community. These include things like harm to self or others, property destruction, elopement, ingesting non-edible items

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